Tom Baker salutes Peter Capaldi

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  • 28 October 2014
Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Tom Baker has praised Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who, describing him as a "wonderful" choice for the iconic role

Tom Baker "salutes" Peter Capaldi for his portrayal of Doctor Who.

The 80-year-old star - who was the fourth actor to take on the role of the iconic Time Lord - has credited the new Doctor's performance in the hit BBC One sci-fi series and described him as a "wonderful choice" for the role.

Tom told Radio Times magazine: "He's a wonderful choice to play the Doctor. Instantly one felt: this fellow comes from far, far away, he's strange. An instant frisson. And what's the word? Yes, got it! Alien, he's an alien. I salute him."

Also quick to praise the 56-year-old actor - who joined the series earlier this year - was Soft Cell singer Marc Almond who likened his dark and mysterious performance on the show to that of the original Doctor, William Hartnell, the third Time Lord Jon Pertwee and the legendary Tom Baker himself, who starred from 1974-1981.

He explained: "Peter Capaldi brings back a touch of darkness and ageless mystery to the Doctor that I feel had been missing, as well as a dash of menace and mischief. He has some of the abrasiveness of William Hartnell, the stylishness of Jon Pertwee and the eccentricity of Tom Baker - all my favourite doctors."

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