Paris Hilton's champagne admirer

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 February 2008

Paris Hilton's champagne admirer

Paris Hilton wants to find the man who sent her a $40,000 bottle of champagne.

The hotel heiress celebrating her 27th birthday with sister Nicky, David Katzenberg and Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden at Las Vegas nightclub LAX last weekend when the magnum bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne arrived at their table.

A source close to the star told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Paris and Nicky still have no idea who sent the champagne, but would really like to track the person down to thank them."

The group celebrated Paris' birthday by downing shots of absinthe - which is famous for its hallucinogenic properties.

Insiders at Vegas' Palms Hotel and Casino say the group, which later included Tommy Lee, drank an entire bottle of Le Tourment Vert absinthe.

One insider said: "They seemed to not realise that absinthe could make them hallucinate and were knocking it back like it was vodka or water. They easily got through a whole bottle, and would have ordered another one if they hadn't had to leave."

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1. BistoKid21 Feb 2008, 3:34pm Report

Modern abinthe hasn't got enough thujone to make you hallucinate. The only way to get the effect today is by using an "80mg Clandestine Absinthe Kit" and steeping the herbs in high proof booze.

I doubt if Paris is mixing it up in her cellar, but you never know ;-) In the UK absinthe can have up to 10 parts thujone per million. It can have none at all if she's drinking it in Vegas, as it is banned in the USA due to a crazy law from the Prohibition era. Thujone contradicts the effect of alcohol and makes the drinker alert and open minded. A unique drink if you have the time to make it yourself. Don't waste your time with modern copies as they are nearly all thujone free.

2. B-Boy19 Mar 2008, 10:37am Report

You sound like a connoisseur Bistokid!

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