Kate Ford embroiled domestic row

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  • 27 October 2014
Kate Ford

Kate Ford

'Coronation Street' star Kate Ford was caught up in a bitter row between her male friend, his girlfriend and his ex-partner when he came to collect his son from her house following a play date with her child

Kate Ford was caught up in a bitter row between her friend, his ex-partner and his current girlfriend last Friday (24.10.14).

The 'Coronation Street' actress got embroiled in the argument which started after her friend Paul came to her house to collect his six-year-old son after a play date with the star's own boy and stayed for a drink.

His decision to stay resulted in his girlfriend coming to Kate's house 30 minutes later to demand to know what he was doing and why he was late, sparking an argument between the couple which ended up in the street, resulting in the police being called.

Kate - who plays bitchy Weatherfield character Tracy Barlow - was distraught by the entire episode, and eventually lost her temper with the girlfriend telling her to "get out of my house you bitch".

She told The Sun newspaper: "There was a domestic at my house but it was nothing to do with me. Paul was picking up his boy and had been at my home half an hour when this woman turned up and refused to leave. She came into my house because he was not home on time and started this blazing row.

"His timetable is nothing to do with me. If he was supposed to be home an hour earlier and he was late, why is that my problem? Their relationship problems are their problems."

The row further escalated when Paul's ex-partner turned up at the property in South London demanding she be allowed to take their son home with her as she was concerned the other adults had been drinking.

Paul was then arrested on suspicion of assaulting his current girlfriend. Police have confirmed a 48 year old man was taken into custody and has now been bailed.

Kate is adamant she was not drunk and is dismayed to have been dragged into other people's domestic issues.

She said: "I'm a good mother and a good person. We'd had three glasses of wine. I'm a very quiet person and don't get involved in scandal."

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