Lynda Bellingham's funeral to be Royal Variety-style celebration

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  • 26 October 2014
Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham's funeral is to be a Royal Variety-style celebration of her life featuring performances by her close friends and former colleagues

Lynda Bellingham's funeral will be a Royal Variety-style celebration of her life.

The beloved actress and television presenter passed away earlier this week after losing her battle with cancer and her husband Michael Pattemore is honouring her dying wish by inviting her close pals to give her "one last show".

Christopher Biggins, Maureen Lipman, Jane McDonald, Denise Welch and Nickolas Grace will all perform at the celebration in Somerset next Monday (03.11.14) before a memorial service is held in London at a later date.

Christopher, Lynda's best friend of 40-years, explained: "It's going to be the longest funeral ever! Michael has asked Maureen, me, and Nickolas, and then various people from through Lynda's career to do something.

"It will be loud and bright and joyous. That's the kind of girl she was. It's one last show before the curtain goes down."

However, Christopher - who is to wear a bright pink suit for the occasion - is concerned Michael has not been able to begin grieving yet.

The 65-year-old actor told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "At the moment he has the focus of the funeral, but to be honest, I think it's too much of a focus and I'm a little worried about him.

"He's asking all of us to perform and trying to get everything perfect. I have spoken to him and he is amazing.

"He knew his wife was going to die - and quite soon - and how he's coped with that now she has gone, I don't know."

Lynda - who died aged 66 - will be laid to rest in a double plot where her husband will also be buried when his time comes.

Christopher added: "Michael needed certainty they could be together for eternity ... He told her he had booked a spot so he can be reunited with her after they both pass away."

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