Interview: Sara Pascoe discusses life after the Fringe ahead of 2014 UK tour


Comic has extended her critically acclaimed show exploring sexual anthropology and falling in love

Sara Pascoe topped off a critically acclaimed August at the Fringe with an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination. On the cusp of taking her show Sara Pascoe vs History on tour, the comedian reflects on the attention: 'It's like when you watch those American films and the girl wears glasses throughout. And at the end she takes her glasses off and everyone goes, "Oh my God, she's beautiful!" That's what the award is, because there are some people who only rate you once you've been nominated, and you think, "I'm exactly the same comic I was yesterday!"'

Pascoe's show is a thoroughly researched, enlightening and hilariously frank journey through sexual anthropology. Although the subject didn't come to her easily. 'I definitely knew I wanted to talk about falling in love and having a new boyfriend,' she recalls. 'I was reading a book called Sex at Dawn which was all about sperm selection and how studies of evolution had ignored women. It would all be about male evolution and there were actually all sorts of things about females and their reproduction that people were starting to find out about.'

After reciting some of her findings during a student gig, Pascoe was encouraged by a fascinated audience member. Initially dismissing the idea as 'too spermy', Pascoe realised she had something unique, interesting and funny to offer. 'I just really wanted to share something that I'd read and then hopefully that made people feel a little bit better about their own urges.'

Having honed her show for the best part of a month at the Fringe, Pascoe is further excited by the possibilities offered by a 90-minute running time. 'What's nice is going back to some of those things that got dropped and trying to extend them into longer routines. So I'm talking a bit more about not having any children and that's quite a funny topic. It's nice that Edinburgh isn't the end; you get to extend something.'

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 2 Nov; Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Wed 5 Nov.

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