New club night FOAM opens at Glasgow's Art School


'FOAM is not an extravagant, lasers-in-your-face gala, but a place to congregate, free from pretension or exclusivity'

‘With this in mind, I think this event has the potential to “go off”,’ confirms Guy Veale. He’s just gone through a long explanation of the careful considerations that have gone into planning this new collaboration between the Art School, himself and promoters Endless Race and Cry Parrot.

This carefulness is key; FOAM is not an extravagant, lasers-in-your-face gala, but a place to congregate, free from pretension or exclusivity, let music take centre stage, and let the audience dictate the joy of the night. And, perhaps ironically, that means a dedication to the sort of subtle touches you won’t even realise have gone into making your experience so good. ‘My favourite nights are the ones where everything's stripped down’, says Yaron Golan, aka Endless Race. ‘Simple lighting, one DJ being allowed to do their thing and take you on a journey – or whatever new-age terminology floats your boat – with a bunch of good people together in the same room. Or, just being really hammered and having a good time. That works too.’

In fact, it was Veale overhearing more than one person say ‘this is like the old Art School’ at a recent event that got him thinking about that, dare we say, magical old Art School quality that came from that feeling of total takeover. The bookings reflect it, with acts across the dance spectrum scattered across the venue like presents: live sets from Hieroglyphic Being and Posthuman are complemented by DJ sets from Plaid and Mooner.

Chicago’s enigmatic Hieroglyphic Being will be a particular highlight. ‘Brace yourself for any eventuality’, says Veale. ‘You’ll be run through a fairly comprehensive gamut of emotions and taken completely out of your box with anything from classical, fusion, free jazz, industrial, funk and noise, all built around a core of classic dance music.’

Art School, Glasgow, Sat 8 Nov.


New collaborative night with live sets from Hieroglyphic Being and Posthuman, and a DJ set from Plaid.