Preview: Edinburgh Choreographic Project

Preview: Edinburgh Choreographic Project

Company will tour Scotland with mixed repertoire programme of Royston Maldoom's impressive back catalogue

When your back catalogue spans over 40 years, choosing what to include in a retrospective isn’t easy. Especially if, like Royston Maldoom, you like to see more than one choreographic voice in a show.

‘I prefer mixed repertoire programmes to those featuring only one choreographer,’ he says. ‘So with the retrospective, I attempted to create the illusion of  a “rep” company, even though all the works are by me.’

A quick look at the varied lineup of Maldoom creations soon to be performed by the Edinburgh Choreographic Project, and it’s clear he’s achieved his aim.

Black Earth and Hook were both originally choreographed for Peru’s Ballet San Marcos, The Confession of Isobel Gowdie is set to James MacMillan’s dramatic score of the same name, and Adagietto No 5 was Maldoom’s first piece, made at the Royal Ballet in the mid-1970s.

With a new set of performers, each piece has been slightly reworked, as Maldoom found himself ‘inspired by the unique qualities of each dancer’.

Maldoom has created work all over the world since he began choreographing in 1972, but one thing has remained constant – his desire to reach out to new audiences.

‘I’ve always wanted my work to be understood and enjoyed by people who may not have had access to contemporary dance,’ he says. ‘And I have been described as a “populist”, which I think may be true, because I have a real desire to encourage an interest in dance among the wider community.’

Platform, Glasgow, Tue 4 Nov, then touring.

Royston Maldoom OBE Restrospective

An evening of modern dance devised by choreographer Royston Maldoom.

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