David Hughes Dance company set to tour Scotland with three modern classic pieces

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Show will include Lucy Guerin's Soft Centre and Rafael Bonachela's 4: Freeze-Frame

David Hughes has just done some quick arithmetic, and figured out that when he and fellow-dancer Gwen Berwick perform Lucy Guerin’s Soft Centre, ‘between us, we’re nearly 90 years old.’

Although Hughes says this with a laugh, there’s nothing frivolous about his realisation. Both 47-year-old Hughes and 41-year-old Berwick bring an emotional maturity to the duet which is exactly what Guerin had in mind when she created it in 1999. Back then, she choreographed it for ballet legend turned contemporary dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov, who was 51 at the time.

‘Baryshnikov is one of my heroes,’ says Hughes, ‘and I get to dance one of his roles, which has never been danced by anybody else.’ While the role undoubtedly comes with the pressure of pedigree, as Hughes says with another chuckle, ‘I’ll give him a run for his money’.

From Matthew Bourne to Christopher Bruce, Hughes has a special place in the heart of many choreographers, and he quite rightly asserts ‘I’m not ready to put out to pasture yet.’

Guerin’s Soft Centre is one of three works David Hughes Dance will take on tour this autumn, with Rafael Bonachela’s 4:Freeze-Frame and a brand new piece for seven dancers by Hughes himself.

Three Souls is his first creation since 2008’s The Red Room, and was inspired by the music of German composer Moritz Eggert. ‘The music pretty much dictated the piece,’ says Hughes, ‘And there’s something in that music about abandonment. It’s a very lyrical piece and the dancers look wonderful.’

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Fri 7 Nov and touring.

Trialogue: Three Modern Classics

David Hughes Dance present a triple bill of work originally created for legendary ballet icon Mikhail Baryshnikov and a piece by the choreographer to Kylie Minogue, Rafael Bonachela.