Ella Eyre's album is ready

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  • 18 October 2014
Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre's debut album is finished but she won't release it until she is more established

Ella Eyre's debut album is 'pretty much done'.

The 20-year-old has finally finished working on her first record but wants to be a more well-known artist in her own right before she release the collection.

She told BANG Showbiz: "It's pretty much done, it was done earlier on this year but because I'm on tour so much and also I'm going away to America for a month I'm not able to promote it really,

"I think I want people to hear some more music and for me to establish myself a bit more before I release my very first project into the world."

The 'Comeback' singer rose to fame with 'Waiting All Night' - her high-profile collaboration on with drum and bass quartet Rudimental - which topped the UK singles chart in 2013, but has suggested that there won't be any other famous names singing alongside her on her own debut.

When asked if there will be any collaborations on the album, she said: "Not necessarily, no, because I think, y'know, last year I did a lot of features and collaborations and I think it was a question of this year, establishing myself as a solo artist."

Despite not wanting other artists on her album, she praised Rudimental for allowing her to tour with them when she was starting out, claiming it has been beneficial in helping her learn who she is as a musician.

She gushed: "From being a featured artist I've been able to experience things that not a lot of new artists get to experience."

Ella Eyre

Bold, edgy pop and r'n'b vocals from the singer-songwriter who has gigged as Rudimental's lead vocalist.

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