Reza Mahammad eats silk worms for new show

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  • 17 October 2014
Reza Mahammad

Reza Mahammad

TV chef Reza Mahammad consumed "grasshoppers, silk worms and water bugs" in Thailand for his latest TV series

Reza Mahammad indulged in "grasshoppers, silk worms and water bugs" for his latest TV series.

The TV chef gorged on the food products while filming his latest Food Network cookery programme in Thailand, and while he admits he didn't always enjoy consuming the bugs, he insists they are healthier than chowing down on crisps.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Memories of eating insects was one which wasn't a great memory, but it certainly left an imprint on my mind! They breed insects over there for food.

"I ate grasshoppers, silk worms, water bugs; they were fried with lime and flavoured with lemon grass and a bit of chilli. Very crispy and crunchy! I kept saying I am not a celebrity, but get me out of here!

"Eating insects is better than eating crisps. They are highly nutritious. Some people say they are the future protein.

"I mean over there it is just normal. We wouldn't find eating them so disgusting if we were conditioned to them."

As well as filming in Thailand, the star also admitted he loves appearing as the chef on 'This Morning' because he has so much energy when he does a live demonstration.

He added: "I love it! It's just the energy there. It's always buzzing and when you are doing a live demo you are so charged. Everything happens on the spare of the moment and nothing is actually contrived."

Reza Spice Prince of Thailand, airs tonight (17.10.14) at 6:30pm on FOOD NETWORK UK

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