Mikel Ameen sings to empower women

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 October 2014
Mikel Ameen

Mikel Ameen

Mikel Ameen says the inspiration for his new song 'Martina Luther Queen' is strong ladies and "womanhood"

Mikel Ameen wrote his song 'Martina Luther Queen' to "empower women".

The rapper says the track - named after late civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King - is his attempt to promote equality in music and give people a message that isn't found in other pop music.

He told BANG Showbiz: "My song 'Martina Luther Queen' is about empowering women who are loyal. About women who own their womanhood. Women who are respectful and that's what is about and that's why there is a need to see a balance in what's represented in music. So it's not a war against pop music. I like to make music that represents all aspects of life - whether that is talking about a queen or something else. I've seen both so why only talk about one? And I hear too much of one side and not the other. So I've taken it upon myself to show a balance of what people want to see."

Although he writes socially aware lyrics, Mikel - who is the brother of 'Harry's Law' actor Aml Ameen - insists he isn't against pop music and is currently obsessed with Chris Brown's song 'Loyal'.

Mikel - whose 'World Changer Music' album is available now - said: "I love pop music, reggae music, hip-hop music, dancehall, an example I give is 'Loyal' by Chris Brown. When that song comes on in a party I dance to that and I sing it because it's got a good beat and to an extent its true what he's saying."

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