KIN rejected X Factor

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 October 2014


New British dance/pop sensations KIN have revealed they turned down the chance to be on this year's 'X Factor' because they wanted to try and taste success by themselves

Dance/pop group KIN rejected an approach from 'The X Factor' producers to star on the show.

The urban act have revealed bosses of the talent show wanted them to be one of the bands on this year's series, but they turned down the offer to show people they can become successful without needing a leg up from "massive corporations".

Lead singer Emmie Jay exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "They asked us to come in and meet the producers and they thought that we would be good for their competition, they were looking for that kind of thing but it's not for us.

"We know a lot of people who have done 'The X Factor', and it's worked for them. Some it hasn't but for most it has and we kind of felt that we have come so far on our own and we want to continue to see how far we can go on our own.

"It could completely flop for us, going alone, hopefully not but we kind of wanted to show people you don't need these massive corporations to make it. Eventually we really want to tell everyone how we did it and how to network, which is what we did."

Emmie admitted another reason the group - who have been dubbed the new Black Eyed Peas - were put off by 'The X Factor' is because they wouldn't be able to release a record for a year if they failed on the programme.

She added: "I think for us it's trying to tell other artists as well that you don't have to necessarily do a reality TV show to make your mark on the industry. It's a lot harder, I'm not going to lie, but then it's hard if you get kicked out of a massive reality TV show.

"It's a big blow and then you can't release anything for a year.

"We have a friend that's in 'The X Factor' now, her name is Fleur [East], but for us we just want to try and not go through 'The X Factor' route.

"We had a bit more say as well, and could choose who we are because we have had enough people in the industry tell us who we should be."

KIN's debut single 'Home Sweet Home' is out now.

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