Chiles Cartwright: Steven Ugoalah to 'clash with everybody'

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  • 15 October 2014
Chiles Cartwright

Chiles Cartwright

Chiles Cartwright has confessed he thinks his 'The Apprentice' nemesis Steven Ugoalah will go on to "clash with everybody" on the programme, after he was the first to be fired last night (14.10.14)

Chiles Cartwright thinks Steven Ugoalah will "clash with everybody" on 'The Apprentice'.

The 35-year-old business director was the first candidate to be fired from the BBC One entrepreneurial reality series last night (14.10.14) and he's claimed Steven's disruptiveness was holding him back.

Chiles - who was put in charge of a small group from the men's team for the first task - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would imagine he's going to clash with everybody. I mean, he was clashing with everybody in my team on the day."

The martial arts enthusiast refused to pick up an order of printed t-shirts - which resulted in them losing the task - despite Steven insisting they should go back for them, but he sticks by his decision and claims his rival should have been sent home instead.

He added: "Obviously it was shown that me and Steven had some banter. I think he's a great character, I mean he's got a lot of energy and what I love about him is that he always passionately believes in everything he says, which is quite a lot.

"So I actually thought he was quite disruptive as well throughout the whole process, so for me personally he would've gone.

"I actually think he was the most disruptive and the one that was kind of holding us back all day."

After being the first to be sent home by Lord Alan Sugar, Chiles has now tipped Solomon "Solly" Akhtar to win the £250,000 investment and partnership with the business mogul.

He said: "I think James [Hill] has got some really strong qualities, he's a really sort of Jack-the-lad, market trader-style guy ... But actually the one that I'd really like to back is Solly."

'The Apprentice' continues tonight (15.10.14) at 9pm on BBC One.

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