Interview: 2014 Anna Lobner Exchange winner Lauren Gault

Lauren Gault

Courtesy of the artist

Artist discusses the ideas behind her new work as she prepares for Düsseldorf residency

Lauren Gault graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2008 and currently lives and works in Glasgow. She was recently awarded the prestigious Anna Lobner Exchange, which will allow Gault to spend a period of time in Düsseldorf to create a new body of work.

You’re about to take up the Anna Lobner Glasgow / Düsseldorf Exchange 2014: can you describe your proposal of work?
My recent research has been based around what processes or pairings can enable an object to be inhabited by more than just the intent of the maker. ‘Terroir’, for example, describes how wine can be inhabited by abstract qualities such as time or place. Ways we can ‘encounter’ futures through existing matter: 3000-year-old butter, perfectly preserved in a bog in Ireland, displaying the fingerprints of its maker; or honey, found in Georgia, made by bees 5500 years ago.

A title in your work describes how your objects function as re-enacted experiences: can you elaborate?
I’m interested in the broader setting of my installations which tend to be centred around two or three enquiries. I suppose it’s touching on the ways in which an object can speak beyond itself physically; its narratives are all present and intermingling with others: made and found.

Your work forms relationships between moving image and ceramics: can you discuss your approaches to film?
I like the way that film can be looped and moments isolated, so it becomes fluid and then completely static. I think about film like sculpture. I like to think of sculpture unfolding itself, its narrative, and emitting this somehow, just like a film. I like to think of how I can use film within sculpture and vice-versa – the mix of real and tangible to the ‘unreality’ or ‘veneer’ of film – like a glaze!

Düsseldorf-based artist Moritz Fiedler will be a resident at Wasps Studios on Glasgow’s Hanson Street as part of the exchange.