Interview: Grant Smeaton, director of Cardinal Sinne

Interview: Grant Smeaton, director of Cardinal Sinne

Niall Walker

Religious romp through moral labyrinth of Catholicism comes to the Tron Threatre

Raymond Burke's audacious new comedy, directed by Glasgay! favourite Grant Smeaton, is an outrageous romp through a moral labyrinth of Catholicism, covert sexuality, abuse and hypocrisy. When the titular cardinal is nabbed by a journalist due to his less than lily-white behaviour, his whole world could be ripped apart.

'This project came about after the surprise resignation of Scotland's top Catholic last year amidst allegations about sexual conduct,' Smeaton explains. 'This was just before the election of the new pope. It seemed like too good a story to miss. We agreed that only a black farce would do it justice.'

'I grew up in a home which wasn't very religious,' Smeaton continues. 'However, growing up gay through the 70s in Glasgow, I was well aware of the prevailing attitude towards my sexuality from churches of all flavours.'

'It's not an attack on the church,' he says. 'It's about the abuse of power. I suppose the story could equally take place against the backdrop of some other big organisation like the Westminster government or the BBC.’

Expect a comedy of secrets and sceptres that will ever-so-gently probe double standards and institutions with gallows humour, while carrying a real message of humanity and tolerance.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 22 Oct--Sat 1 Nov.

Cardinal Sinne

There's to be a new Pope, and the Cardinal needs to journey to the Vatican for the election, but a journalist stalls his trip by asking questions about the past.