Avi Buffalo – Broadcast, Glasgow, Mon 6 Oct (4 stars)

Avi Buffalo – Broadcast, Glasgow, Mon 6 Oct

Dreamy, soaring and expertly arranged indie pop from the elusive Californian band

Since their fully formed arrival four years ago, this Long Beach outfit have been selective about touring. This well-subscribed show was their first visit to Glasgow and only their second time in Scotland and while it is clear that the stage is not a natural habitat for reticent frontman Avi Zahner-Isenberg, the music makes up for the awkward pauses between songs with its natural fluency.

This is dreamy, soaring, expertly arranged indie pop par excellence, reminiscent at times of fellow Californians Grandaddy in its combination of beguiling, unexpected melodies, a vulnerable tenor voice and instrumental passages of fuzzy distortion.

There are a couple of potent moments when the band whip up a storm of crashing keyboard chords and bass rumble, or the undulating piano pushes the set into chamber pop territory but arguably the performance is most effective when the band leaves Zahner-Isenberg to his own devices on a couple of solo numbers and, despite the shyness, he holds the room to ransom with his affecting voice (capable of breathy sweetness at points), a captivating tune and a resonant guitar backing. No chit-chat required.

Broadcast, Glasgow, Mon 6 Oct.

Avi Buffalo - So What [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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