David O'Doherty Has Checked Everything

David O'Doherty Has Checked Everything

Irish jester embarks on a hunt for genuine happiness

The story of those who win the Edinburgh Comedy Award doesn’t always play out exactly the same way each and every time. For every Al Murray, Frank Skinner and Steve Coogan who go on to become comedy monoliths and household names, there are a whole bunch of Tommy Tiernans, Demetri Martins and Daniel Kitsons who will largely bypass the easy avenues of TV fame to simply carry on doing what they do best: writing, performing live and honing their act.

Although certainly more aligned to the latter group, David O’Doherty differs in one key area: he comes back every single year to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe, giving full thanks to the place which helped make him a semi-legendary figure within the comedy community (as well as the big, bad, main comedy award, he previously won So You Think You’re Funny).

Now, he’s heading west with his cables, mics and keyboards for David O’Doherty Has Checked Everything, a show which has fully deserved the title of ‘a critical success’. A quick glance at all those four and five-star reviews will tell you that. This self-dubbed ‘forgotten Sugababe’ and ‘bad boy of Zumba’ will be entertaining the Old Fruitmarket patrons with tales of his search for true happiness. That quest has involved a pizza wheel, faster internet connections, a trip to Niagara Falls, a North Face jacket and some loft insulation. And has he been bestowed with permanent glee? Hop along and find out, why don’t you?

Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Sun 19 Oct.

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David O'Doherty

Musical comedy from the Irish stand-up.

The Downs, Bristol

Fri 4 Jun


Preston Park, Brighton

Wed 14 Jul


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