Tim Minchin – Storm (2 stars)


Comic book based beat-poem drips with pointlessness and proves inconsequential


Is there anything Tim Minchin refuses to have a stab at? Already an award-winning musical comedian (he took the Best Newcomer prize at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe), acclaimed composer of musicals (for West End powerhouse Matilda), and hairy actor (taking the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar), now this ‘prophet and poet’ (c/o one of his friends) has his beat-poem ‘Storm’ turned into a comic book.

It’s long been understood that stories within comics are no longer the preserve of tormented dudes with other-worldly powers or written by men whose obsessions run to massive marijuana leaves or tough gals with pumped-up cleavages. A far more subtle strain of social nuance has long entered the fray.

But basing an entire book around a middle-class dinner-party disagreement between a rationalist who has no faith in religion or alternative medicine or magic or psychics or fairy tattoos, and someone with a fairy tattoo who isn’t averse to thinking quite a bit outside the box, just drips with pointlessness.

The world of graphic novels has certainly come a long way from a man of steel chucking green automobiles across a barren landscape. The inconsequential Storm might be conclusive proof that the journey has gone just a little too far.

Tim Minchin has certainly done enough in his career by now to have decided what he’s best at. Get back behind that piano before you’re even remotely tempted to knock up the inevitable first-person shooter in which merry hell is unleashed upon the Storms of this world.

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