Sex starved Kathleen Turner

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  • 18 February 2008

Sex starved Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner hasn't had sex for two years.

The 'Body Heat' star, who split from husband Jay Weiss in 2006, says she misses making love.

The 53-year-old actress said: "My husband and I separated two years ago and I guess the divorce became final in December. It's odd - well, maybe it's not odd - but we're terrific friends. We have lunch together and he's still my best friend. But it's also been two years since I've had sex and I'm getting to miss that."

Although Kathleen "wouldn't mind" having a relationship but can't find a man who she feels passionate about.

She said: "It just hasn't really sparked me. It hasn't come up."

Kathleen also claims to have only slept with two men, despite being well-known for her sexy movie roles.

She told US talk show host Larry King: "Actually there are only two guys I've ever been with. It's hard for people to believe I'm so naive or inexperienced. I met my husband and that was that."

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