Blonde Electra: We performed for rapists

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  • 13 October 2014
Blonde Electra

Blonde Electra

Blonde Electra have revealed they weren't concerned about starring on 'The X Factor' as they used to perform for murderers in prisons and in their parents' cult

Blonde Electra weren't worried about appearing on 'The X Factor' because they've performed for rapists.

The group made up of sisters Ruby and Jazzy King - who were voted off the ITV singing competition last night (12.10.14) - confessed they weren't scared about starring on the series after putting on shows for prison inmates.

Ruby, 22, told the Metro newspaper: "Singing in prison was awesome. One of the best gigs we ever did."

Jazzy, 24, added: "We sang for about 200 lifers. They were all rapists and murderers.

The pretty blondes were also forced to sing to members of their parents' strict Children of God cult by their father.

Jazzy explained: "Our parents met in a sex cult but left in 1991 and dad formed his own little cult, not sexual, but just as crazy. We had a very strict upbringing.

"He formed a little Christian band with five of us and we sang songs that he wrote. Horrible, Horrible stuff."

However, the American sisters previously explained how their aspirations to become singers allowed them to escape from their parents' clutches.

Jazzy explained: "We moved out when we were 12 and 15 because we met this guy who owned a club and was looking for singers. We were, like, 'F**k, yeah!'

"But our parents believe that, once you leave, you're going to hell. We have hardly any contact with them - though our dad writes us hate mails."

Ruby added: "He thinks we're sinners and are going to go to hell for doing 'The X Factor'."

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