James Franco barely sleeps

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  • 12 October 2014
James Franco

James Franco

James Franco claims to only sleep for four hours a night and only has a regular routine when he's working on a movie

James Franco only sleeps for four hours a night.

The 36-year-old actor - who also directs movies, is an artist and writer and is studying for a PhD - admits his busy schedule leaves him with little time to relax and he finds himself frequently napping when he stops working for just a few minutes.

He said: "Normally I never get the chance to sleep more than four or five hours a night.

"I can keep that pace up for three or four weeks and then maybe I need to take a few days to relax and sleep longer.

"If I ever stop doing something for a few minutes, you'll usually find me dozing off for a half-hour or so."

The 'Spring Breakers' star admits the only time he is able to stick to a regular routine is when he is making a movie.

He explained: "The only time I really get to sleep normally is when I'm shooting a film and I'm not able to do anything but work on that until we wrap."

James can understand why his many artistic endeavours are viewed as "strange" but he insists he isn't afraid to laugh at himself.

He told Loaded magazine: "I have a sense of humour about how people perceive what I'm doing as strange. I love being able to mock myself. I'm willing to be judged on the basis of my work in whatever field that happens to be. That's what comes with being an artist in any medium."

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