Evan Rachel Wood needs massages

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  • 11 October 2014
Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood loves having regular massages to take care of her "mind, spirit and body"

Evan Rachel Wood thinks it is important to take care of "mind, spirit and body".

The 'Wrestler' actress - who has a 14-month-old son with estranged husband Jamie Bell - has regular massages to help her ease stress and tension and also to help with the back problems she has since having a child.

She said: "I love massages. I think you've got to take care of your mind, spirit and your body.

"I told a lot of stress physically so I need to get that all worked out otherwise my whole body will start to hurt.

"Especially now after having a kid, and picking him up all the time, my back is just a mess."

The 27-year-old beauty is a big fan of yoga, which she "fell in love" with while pregnant.

She said: "My favourite exercise is yoga. I studied it when I was pregnant and I kind of fell in love. It's the best way to get stretched out and keep calm."

Every morning, Evan starts the day with a special smoothie to detox and keep herself in the best possible condition.

She told Look magazine: "I always have a smoothie for breakfast to jump-start the day.

"I'll make sure it has protein powder because that fills me up, flaxseed which is really good for your skin and then I'll add some blueberries as they're full of antioxidants and some banana as it's my favourite."

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