Ella Eyre couldn't be in a band

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  • 11 October 2014
Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre couldn't be a member of a band because she is too "controlling" and hates sharing her lyrics

Ella Eyre is "too controlling" to be part of a group.

The 20-year-old singer admits being a solo artist suits her because all her lyrics are "really personal" and she would hate having to perform them with other people.

She said: "There's a video on YouTube of me singing 'Royals' with the three Rudimental singers but I'm too controlling to be in a girl group - all my songs are really personal to me, so I'd hate to share them."

The 'Comeback' singer thinks it is important to write from the heart and finds it helpful to channel any of her anger and "passion" into her songs.

She said: "People are just getting to know me as a solo artist and I think they want to listen to lyrics from the heart.

"I love singers like Adele, who is so true and real. When you're that angry and that passionate about a situation, when you've been f***ed over by someone that you care about, sometimes you just need to say it out loud."

Ella will release a new album next year and says it has "vulnerable moments" because she has exposed her lowest points in her songs.

She told Look magazine: "It's got vulnerable moments. Like everyone, I have down moments and points where I don't feel like I can cope, so I've written about that. But I don't like things to be too soft. Even if I'm making a sad point I like it to be quite poignant and direct."

Ella Eyre

Bold, edgy pop and r'n'b vocals from the singer-songwriter who has gigged as Rudimental's lead vocalist.

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