Bobby Norris wants to take Charlie King for a drink

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  • 10 October 2014
Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris has admitted he wants to take his former 'The Only Way Is Essex' co-star Charlie King for a drink after hearing he's finally come out as gay

Bobby Norris wants to take Charlie King for a drink following his admission that he's gay.

'The Only Way Is Essex' star - who put his heart on the line for his former co-star only to be rejected live on television because Charlie insisted he wasn't interested in men - is happy his old pal has finally come out and would love to show him the gay party scene.

He said: "Most men know the offside rule - I've got a good gaydar. I can spot a gay man in a dark room. Charlie just didn't come out at the time.

"I've always known. I've known probably before he's known. Before he's taken the time to realise what he is. I've obviously known as long as I've known him - I've known him for about three years now."

Offering his advice to Charlie - who was dating TOWIE star Gemma Collins when Bobby revealed his feelings for him - he warned him to take things slow.

Bobby told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Take your time. Test the water and get in the scene.

"I'll happily take him clubbing and to the bars. I would love to show him the gay hotspots - and maybe a trip to Brighton."

Meanwhile, Charlie himself has said he'd love to show Bobby the "real him" after making his admission live on television.

He confessed: "I would like to think that now with clarity I have got, with the journey that we went on together, I'd love to hang out and have some fun, I'd love for him to see the real me."

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