Kevin Whately hints retirement from Lewis

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  • 10 October 2014
Kevin Whately as Lewis

Kevin Whately as Lewis

Kevin Whately has hinted he is planning to retire from his role in 'Lewis' in the near future and also admitted he wouldn't watch the show if he weren't in it

Kevin Whately has hinted he may be set to retire from his role in 'Lewis'.

The 63-year-old actor has starred as Robert 'Robbie' Lewis for 27 years, first taking on the role in 'Inspector Morse' before becoming the titular character in the spin-off, but he's now revealed he's thinking of retiring.

Speaking about the upcoming eighth series, he said: "There might be more Lewis after this series but there won't be a lot more.

"Not with Lewis himself. Who knows what the others will do but I think I'm coming to the end of the road.

"There may be on more series, possibly, we'll see."

However, Kevin - along with co-star Laurence Fox (James Hathaway) - has taken a break from the show in the past but confessed he missed working.

But he admits if he wasn't in the series himself, he wouldn't want to watch it.

He told The Sun newspaper: "From what people tell me, I think 'Lewis' is successful because it's familiar.

"Viewers are quite happy with certain people in the corner of their rooms because they've been there for years.

"But the appetite for detective shows just staggers me -it's bottomless.

"Detective shows are not my favourite. I almost certainly wouldn't watch 'Lewis' if I wasn't in it."

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