Blonde Electra escaped parent's religious cult

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  • 10 October 2014
Blonde Electra

Blonde Electra

'The X Factor' contestants Blonde Electra have revealed they had to escape their parent's religious cult at 12 and 15-years-old in order to pursue a career in music and now appear on the talent show

Blonde Electra escaped their father's religious cult to appear on 'The X Factor'.

Ruby and Jazzy King have confessed their Catholic missionary parents used to belong to the notorious Children of God cult before leaving and setting up their own, more restrictive sect, of which they were forced to be members until they left home aged just 12 and 15-years-old.

Ruby, 22, explained: "Our parents left, thank God, because I don't know where we would be at this point.

"But our dad created his own cult. It was very restrictive - we were very isolated."

24-year-old Jazzy added: "Our dad thinks he's God's prophet, he thinks he was sent by God to this world to preach. He is bat-snap crazy."

However, the American sisters - who are set to perform in the 'X Factor' live shows as one of Louis Walsh's groups category - managed to escape by becoming night club singers, despite their father referring to non-religious music as "the devil".

Jazzy continued to The Sun newspaper: "We moved out when we were 12 and 15 because we met this guy who owned a club and was looking for singers. We were, like, 'F**k, yeah!'

"But our parents believe that, once you leave, you're going to hell. We have hardly any contact with them - though our dad writes us hate mails."

Ruby added: "He thinks we're sinners and are going to go to hell for doing 'The X Factor'. One of the email subjects was, 'Repent'."

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