Dermot O'Leary reveals his woman troubles

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  • 10 October 2014
Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary

'The X Factor' host Dermot O'Leary says he didn't have many girlfriends growing up and was instead more interested in sports

Dermot O'Leary didn't have many girlfriends growing up.

'The X Factor' host says that rather than spending his teenage years trying to charm girls, he was more interested in watching football and "having fun".

Dermot, 41, told The Sun newspaper: "Mates of mine who had girlfriends when I was growing up always seemed to be going to their parents or grandparents for dinner.

"That sort of thing terrified me."

The presenter, who first rose to prominence on Channel 4 show T4, admits the lack of attention he received from girls in his younger days has impacted his emotional wellbeing.

He explained: "I didn't grow up as a good-looking guy. Girls weren't interested in me at school.

"So I probably just didn't find the right person. And that has made me emotionally stunted."

The presenter, who married TV producer Dee Koppang in 2012, also admits he'd make a rubbish contestant on 'The X Factor'.

He said: "I'd be one of those contestants people think shouldn't have gone through because they're too happy. I'm a dust-yourself-down kind of guy.

"My dad is like that. He's from that post-war generation where you don't talk about (miserable) stuff, you just get on with it."

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