X Factor contestants banned from dating one another

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  • 10 October 2014
New Boy Band

The X Factor's New Boy Band

The current contestants of ITV talent show 'The X Factor' have revealed they are banned from dating one another

The 'X Factor' contestants are banned from having relationships with one another.

The finalists are all sharing a house in London together and though a number of hopefuls have confessed to having crushes on one another, they aren't allowed to take things further.

Jake Sims from the still-unnamed eight-piece boy band said: "You haven't read our house rules - no intercourse."

His bandmate James Graham added: "None of that stuff and no kissing of any kind."

Reese Bibby added: "No touching! We live in a bubble."

Almost all of the band admit to having their eyes on one of the other contestants.

James said: "I fancy Blonde Electra."

Barclay added: "He doesn't shut up about them. He fancies all the girls in the house."

Reece proclaimed: "Parisa from Only the Young is fit."

Jake added: "I can say that I do fancy someone but it may have to be kept confidential... I do think Betsy from Only the Young is absolutely beautiful."

However, Casey Johnson insisted he is trying to stay professional.

He told OK! magazine: "I'm here for the competition, not for the girls."

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