Frank Skinner 'fretting' over Doctor Who appearance

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  • 9 October 2014
Frank Skinner in 'Doctor Who'

Frank Skinner in 'Doctor Who'

Frank Skinner admits he spent hours fretting over his 'Doctor Who' appearance after filming but is now looking forward to finally getting to see it

Frank Skinner has spent hours "fretting" over his 'Doctor Who' appearance.

The 57-year-old comedian is to guest star in an episode of the BBC One sci-fi series this weekend and has admitted that although after filming he was very nervous about his performance, he's now looking forward to finally seeing it.

He explained: "Interestingly, since I did 'Doctor Who' I've spent many an hour fretting about my performance, whether it was good enough. Now we get closer I'm thinking, oh I couldn't care - I'm in it.

"So my excitement has taken over my personal dignity. That hasn't happened for years."

Frank also revealed he's planning to host a family viewing party where he will celebrate his dream of appearing in the cult show, but confessed he'd love it if he could play a trick on them all.

Speaking on Absolute Radio he shared: "I'm thinking of getting one of those family gatherings, you know the ones you hear about when everyone gathers round the tele and they have been cut out of the episode completely.

"I'm thinking of having one of those. What I'd like is if the 'Doctor Who' people would send a bit with me completely cut out that I could then show, and I could go, 'Ha ha', and then show the real one. I'm planning ahead."

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