Kevin Bridges – We Need to Talk About . . . Kevin Bridges (3 stars)

Kevin Bridges – We Need to Talk About . . . Kevin Bridges

Autobiographical self-awareness and emotional honesty from Glaswegian stand-up

(Michael Joseph)

While it's virtually taken for granted that an arena comic will pen an autobiography sooner rather than later, Kevin Bridges appreciates that he's ridiculously young to be reminiscing about his life. Now 27, more than a third of this book passes with him still at primary school. Beyond mild flirtation with a gambling problem, petty criminality and disclosing that he was an introverted cry-baby for much of his pre-teens, there's no scandal in his memoir and little of note that isn't already in the public domain.

Self-awareness and emotional honesty have always been a hallmark of the precocious Glaswegian's stand-up, so a portrait of the artist as a driven and focused young man ultimately emerges. Initial suspicion that he's retrospectively re-imagined a straightforward narrative – his transformation from anti-social loner to incorrigible school clown, betting everything on comedy – are dispelled with clear-eyed scrutiny of the talent, failings and desire that made him a success.

As with the autobiography of his early inspiration, Frank Skinner, Bridges also delivers compelling insights into the comedian's mindset and what's required to make it.

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