Holly Hagan romped with James Tindale next to sleeping cameraman

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  • 8 October 2014
Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan has confessed she and James Tindale had a steamy romp on the sofa in the 'Geordie Shore' house while a cameraman was sound asleep just "a few feet away",

Holly Hagan romped with James Tindale while a cameraman was asleep on the sofa next to them.

The 'Geordie Shore' star has opened up about her experiences on the MTV reality series in her new book 'Holly Hagan: Not Quite A Geordie' and confessed to getting up close and personal with her co-star while a cameraman got some shut-eye just "a few feet away".

She explained: "One night, there was one camera guy in the house. Luckily for us, he nodded off on the sofa in the lounge while James and I were watching a film. As soon as we heard him snoring, I leaned over to James and kissed him.

"We just looked at each other and could tell what we were both thinking. Without saying a word, I hitched up my skirt and climbed on top of James.

"Seconds later, we were having sex on the sofa while the cameraman slept soundly just a few feet away.

"The fact that he was in the room just added to the excitement."

However, Holly and James - who is now in a long term relationship with Kate Thorne - haven't always got on so well as, when their fling came to an end, she punched him during an argument about his new girlfriend [Kate].

Speaking about the incident in her book, The Sun newspaper reports her as saying: "It was never shown on TV and I'm glad because I'm ashamed of my actions.

She added: "I punched him square in the jaw. He was absolutely stunned. James was holding his freshly punched face with one hand and with the other, he grabbed his drink and spilled it all over me."

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