Paris Hilton's animal investigation

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  • 16 February 2008

Paris Hilton's animal investigation

Paris Hilton is being investigated by US animal services.

The hotel heiress revealed on US TV show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday (11.02.08) that she has 17 dogs - which is against the Los Angeles' law preventing non-breeders having more than three dogs per address.

She said: "I have 17 dogs, yes - lots. They all sleep in my bed - well, not all of them, but I let some of them."

Captain Bowers of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services told gossip website he was forced to launch an investigation after receiving complaints following Hilton's appearance on the chat show.

However, when Bowers arrived at Hilton's Hollywood home on Tuesday (12.02.08), he found it was under construction and nobody was living there.

He left a message with a maid, but has so far not heard back from the 26-year-old socialite.

It has now been reported that not all of Paris' 17 pets live with her, as some of them stay with animal handlers.

As well as her 17 dogs, Paris also owns a goat, a ferret and a kinkajou 'cat-monkey'.

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