How Did You Get That Job? Stephen Scott, Sound Designer / Managing Director

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  • 3 October 2014
Steven Scott: How Did You Get That Job?

Managing Director of Bigmouth Audio Ltd discusses the best and worst things about his job, and how he made it to the top

Name: Stephen Scott

Job title: Managing Director / Sound Designer

CompanyBigmouth Audio Ltd

When did you start your job? 2012

So what does your job actually involve? 
My job involves juggling a lot of things. I work as the Managing Director of the company but also as a sound engineer on certain projects. 

As a manager it is my responsibility to make sure there is always work coming into the studio but also to supervise this work. It's really important to me and the company that our standards never drop and we are always putting great sound work back out the door. Our high standards, attention to detail and great customer service is what I believe really sets us apart at times from our competitors. 

My job often involves travelling around to meet clients, prospects and attend conferences and events. This year alone I have been to New York, London, Sheffield and Manchester all to discuss projects and potential collaborations. I have to say, I do enjoy this aspect of my job as most of the time you are locked away in a dark studio which can begin to feel a bit isolating! 

The other side of my job involves working in the studio as a sound designer, dubbing mixer and often composing music. Ultimately, this is what I got into this industry to do, so when I can get my teeth into an audio project, it is always great fun.

Best / Worst Aspects?
Best aspects of this job: getting to do what you love every day. Also, travelling and meeting interesting people along the way. 

Worst aspects: sometimes running a production studio can be incredibly stressful and a lot of responsibility. But ultimately it's worth it in the end.

Looking back, what advice would you give to someone starting out in your sector?
You have to really want to work in this industry and I mean REALLY want it. You will find that you often have to do a lot of work on spec or free just to have a chance of getting a gig further down the line. The people who are extremely motivated and driven will always be the people who get a chance. 

I would say find projects you can get involved in for no or low budgets as experience and a portfolio is so important. Also, learn about your client’s industry. This is really important and can set you apart from the crowd. They will appreciate that you invest time (and sometimes money) into understanding their needs.  

And finally … what has been your biggest achievement in 2014 so far?
We doubled the size of our facility this year adding on a new dubbing studio which is now our main mix theatre. This felt like a massive achievement for our small business and we are excited to keep pushing forward from this point.