Ben Miller: Female comics doing better than men

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 October 2014
Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Ben Miller has praised the standard of female comedians and believes they are out performing their male counterparts

Ben Miller believes female comedians are out performing their male counterparts.

The 48-year-old comedian-and-actor - who is one half of double act Armstrong and Miller - has praised the "amazing" women who are currently on the comedy circuit.

He said: "Well I think female comedians are leaving male comedians behind at the moment, there are so many amazing, amazing female comedians coming through.

"Every show that you look now there's another brilliant female stand-up. I think that's the big change that I have noticed since I started doing comedy."

Meanwhile, Ben credits women for changing stand-up comedy, making an impact on the industry and helping comedy to be more "detailed [and] emotional".

A survey conducted by Ticketmaster showed that sales for female comics had trebled since 2011.

Ben said: "In the 90s it would be like the black market 'Do you know any funny women?' and you would pass round names, and you would go and see somebody; there might have been a handful of women who were doing comedy but now many, many more and they are all so brilliant.

"I feel they've really moved joke-telling on. There is a change in stand-up comedy being less brash, more kind of thoughtful, more detailed, more emotional. The great insights that women have are now finding their way into comedy and I think it's a great thing, a great thing."

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