Madonna's gypsy dreams

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  • 15 February 2008

Madonna's gypsy dreams

Madonna secretly dreams of being a gypsy.

The 49-year-old singer - who premiered her directorial debut 'Filth and Wisdom' at the Berlin Film Festival on Wednesday night (13.02.08) - is drawn to a free-spirited existence like the film's star Eugene Hutz, the real-life lead singer of New York gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello.

She said: "I think, secretly, I want to be a gypsy. I love the idea of travelling round and playing music and letting life unfold in a spontaneous way."

Madonna, who also worked as co-writer and executive producer on the project, explained she is still trying to find a balance in her life just like the characters in the romantic musical comedy.

The singer said: "In spite of what appears to be my material success, I still feel like I'm struggling with the contradictions of life, the duality of life. I'm still struggling to find my way to understand the difference between right and wrong. To see things for what they are, to not be tricked by illusions, and I think I vacillate between light and dark."

'Filth and Wisdom' stars Hutz as philosopher and poet A.K., who comes to London from Ukraine in search of stardom with his band but ends up working as an S+M escort.

The project has had a mixed response, with one critic labelling it "dumb and tacky", while another observed, "Madonna has done herself proud and has real potential as a film director".

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