Coronation Street's Kylie Platt's marriage heading for trouble

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  • 30 September 2014
Paula Lane as Kylie Platt

Paula Lane as Kylie Platt

Paula Lane - who plays Coronation Street's Kylie Platt - has hinted her character's marriage to David Platt is heading for trouble after she returns to her old neighbourhood to see Max's father and ex-boyfriend, Callum Logan

Coronation Street's Kylie Platt's marriage is heading for trouble.

Paula Lane - who plays Kylie in the ITV soap - has warned the arrival of Callum Logan, Kylie's ex-boyfriend and the father of her son Max, will cause a rift between Kylie and her husband David Platt, played by Jack P. Shepherd.

The 28-year-old actress told Radio Times magazine: "Callum has charm and it makes Kylie feel excited, so I guess there is a little bit of desire there.

"At one time, they were the king and queen of their estate. They ruled the roost and she gets a kick out of being with him again."

Kylie goes back to her old neighbourhood in search of her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend - played by Sean Ward - in an attempt to get to the bottom of Max's ADHD diagnosis but finds herself slipping back into her old ways of drink and drug abuse.

Paula explained: "Kylie hasn't got ADHD herself and she's wondering if Max could have genetically inherited anything from Callum.

"She's risking everything. It's a downward spiral for Kylie. She's been there before so it will be easy for her to be dragged back into it."

However, the actress revealed that whilst the meeting of the characters starts off as hostile, it soon turns "electric" and she, herself, is excited for the soap's fans to see how the story unfolds.

Paula said: "[Callum] probably came to push the pram a bit before the novelty wore off. So it must have been eight years since [Kylie's] laid eyes on him.

"Initially, it is very hostile between her and Callum, but it's electric. I can't wait for you all to see his first episode because I was shocked myself."

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