Samuel Anderson recalls TARDIS nerves

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  • 26 September 2014
Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink

Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink

Samuel Anderson has confessed he was too nervous to touch anything on set when he first joined the cast of 'Doctor Who' as character Danny Pink

Samuel Anderson was too scared to touch anything in the TARDIS when he first stepped foot on the 'Doctor Who' set.

The actor plays soldier-turned-teacher Danny Pink in the latest series of the sci-fi show and he admits he was on his best behaviour when he first got to try out the Time Lord's spaceship.

He said: "For the first few days your the new boy so you're behaving and you don't really want to touch anything. But you feel like a child inside, let's be honest we're actors, we play make believe for a living. So for the first couple of days I didn't touch anything, I behaved myself and acted like a professional then after the first week you're playing with everything.

"Jenna said to me, 'For the first two days you didn't touch a thing you were very professional. When I got here I was playing with everything.' "

However, after settling in Samuel admits the blue Police Box is as much of a "second home" to him now as it is to Peter Capaldi, who plays the Doctor.

He explained: "The TARDIS is like a second home to me now - and it is a lot bigger on the inside! The first time you go inside it is brilliant, and everything in there works, literally everything you see on the screen that has a button or a little knob, or a lever that you pull, or things that twist actually does something. The art department has done an incredible job. It's a brilliant piece of engineering."

Danny is the love interest of companion Clara Oswald - played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, whom he also starred with in 'Emmerdale' - and he insists the pair are about to embark on a gripping storyline starting with the next episode 'The Caretaker'.

He teased: "We've only had a sprinkle, a taster of Danny Pink so far. It's about to kick off in a very big way, the story arch that Steven Moffat has put in this series means were going places. Jenna has been really good to me, I actually had to audition with her and she has really looked after me."

'The Caretaker' airs on BBC One this Saturday (25.09.14) at 8:30pm.

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