Ruby Tandoh brands GBBO producers 'thoughtless'

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  • 25 September 2014
Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh

Former 'Great British Bake Off' finalist Ruby Tandoh has slammed producers for their editing of the programme last month which appeared to show 69-year-old contestant Diana sabotaging another baker's dessert

Former 'Great British Bake Off' finalist Ruby Tandoh has branded the show's producers as "thoughtless" in the wake of 'Alaskagate'.

The 22-year-old cook - who made it to the final three of the series in 2013 - has slammed the makers of the BBC One primetime baking show following their editing when contestant Diana Beard was made to look as though she'd sabotaged competitor Iain Watters' ice-cream.

When asked about the scandal in an interview with The Times newspaper, Ruby said: "It was a case of the editors being, if not malicious, then at least completely thoughtless about how something would come across."

In the episode which aired last month, fans of the show were left shocked when it appeared as though 69-year-old Diana ruined Iain's ice-cream by removing it from the freezer and leaving it to melt in a hot kitchen. Later on in the episode, Iain was seen throwing his failed baked Alaska dish into the bin, and was subsequently eliminated.

Diana was forced to leave the contest the following week due to illness, but has received torrents of abuse from infuriated viewers in the aftermath of 'Alaskagate', including insults and death threats.

The producers of 'Great British Bake Off' aren't the only people who have annoyed Ruby recently, as she also criticised people who have suggested her choice of hobby makes her less of a feminist.

She said: "It's just something you do in the kitchen, nothing to do with your femininity or lack of, or success as a feminist.

"Equally I don't think it's an empowering thing to reclaim the kitchen; it's just cooking. I understand its history is quite gendered, but I've no time for perpetuating that division."

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