Gordon Ramsay axed Kitchen Nightmares to save stomach

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  • 23 September 2014
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has confessed his decision to axe 'Kitchen Nightmares' stemmed from his desire to have a more healthy diet and less stomach problems

Gordon Ramsay has axed 'Kitchen Nightmares' for the sake of his stomach.

The TV chef has confessed he's given up the popular series, which sees him visit failing restaurants in a bid to improve them, because his body needs time to recover from all the questionable food he's eaten.

Speaking in a video on the Channel 4 website, he said: "I want a rest. I want my stomach to go through a 12-month period with no ulcers.

"And then I want to go to the toilet once a day, properly, as opposed to four or five times a day once I've had a bad experience in a s**thole selling frozen food that's been defrosted in the microwave for the last 17 minutes, so no, I want to get back to eating normally."

However, despite admitting that he'll be taking at least a year off from the series - which has seen him reinvent restaurants across the globe - he's confessed it could be set to return in the future.

He explained: "I still have that hunger to get those businesses back on the map and I'm still like a little Rottweiler.

"I just want to be led up the front door, let off the lead and then booted in - sniff out the crap, turn the place upside down, give the owners a great shake and then put them back on their feet."

Gordon added: "Let's not say it's going away and finishing forever. It may come back. It depends on my ulcers."

Meanwhile, the final series - 'Costa Del Nightmares' - kicks off on Channel 4 tonight (23.09.14) at 9pm.

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