Declan Macey plotting to kill wife, Charity, in Emmerdale

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  • 23 September 2014
Declan and Charity

Declan and Charity

In last night's episode of Emmerdale, viewers were shocked when it was revealed that businessman Declan Macey has been spiking his wife, Charity's, drink, after she lied about aborting their baby. Actor Jason Merrells says that his character's decision to kill his on-screen wife was "his only option" due to the intense hatred he has for her

Emmerdale's Declan Macey is ruthlessly and methodically plotting his wife's murder.

The soap character, played by actor Jason Merrells, has been spiking his wife Charity's (Emma Atkins) drinks with pesticide after discovering she's been lying to him about aborting their baby.

And Jason reveals his character feels he's been left with no choice but to seek revenge through murder.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "When he finds out that she's been lying his whole world falls apart. There's a huge amount of hatred and revenge."

Viewers will be watching with horror this week as Declan whisks Charity away to a remote cottage for a romantic getaway, where the twisted character intends to murder the blonde beauty.

Jason explained: "He's completely tied up in the mother of all pre-nups that he signed on her behalf and it's utterly watertight. She hasn't cheated on him which is the only get-out, so there's nothing he can do.

"In his skewed logic, the only thing he can do is kill her. To him that's his only option.

"In a very ruthless and methodical way, he plots his revenge."

While the shocking scenes may be hard to watch, Jason admits he's enjoyed working on the plot and even compared it to working on a blockbuster.

He added: "Filming this stuff has been really demanding and brilliant to do. We've basically been making a movie together, it's been fantastic to film in this amazing location."

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