Coronation Street's Kylie Platt becomes hooked on speed

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  • 23 September 2014
Paula Lane as Kylie Platt

Paula Lane

'Coronation Street's Kylie Platt will struggle to keep her life under control as she becomes hooked on a Class B drug

'Coronation Street's Kylie Platt is to hit rock bottom after she becomes hooked on speed.

The loud-mouthed hairdresser - played by Paula Lane - recently became embroiled in a drugs scandal when she started stealing her son Max's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication as she struggled to come to terms with his recent diagnosis.

In a bid to find out if her son inherited the condition, the brunette beauty will pay a visit to Max's biological father, drug dealer, Callum.

However, things start to spiral out of control for Kylie, who used to dabble in drugs when she was younger, when bad boy Callum offers her Amphetamine.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Paula said:"It is really great 'Coronation Street' is touching on this subject. I hope I can do it justice.

"When I first found out, I was like, 'Crikey, how can I play this out?' But Kylie has a lot of depth to her and she is always carrying a fear that she isn't good enough. She thinks everyone on the street judges her.

"She is a very vulnerable person and her life is going to start to unravel big time. This is going to be the darkest place she has ever found herself in."

Kylie resorts to desperate measures in order to hide her addiction from her husband David (Jack P. Shepherd), but the happy family is to be rocked by a huge crisis in the run up to Christmas, which will pave the way for the departure of Paula, who is going on maternity leave to have her first child.

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