Make or Break hip hop competition set to showcase best of Scottish talent

Make or Break hip hop competition set to showcase best of Scottish talent

Dance crews from Edinburgh and Glasgow to compete at event hosted by Tony Thrills

Watching judges preside over dancers is a regular occurrence on TV these days – but seeing it live, and championing your favourites with some vocal appreciation, is a whole different ball game.

With competitors from home and abroad squaring up at the Make or Break event in Edinburgh this month, this is a chance to see bboys battle it out through qualifying rounds, quarter and semi-finals and a no doubt exciting final. So, what will the judges be looking for?

‘Each judge has their own criteria,’ explains host Tony Mills (aka Tony Thrills). ‘Often this is about musicality, originality and execution. Then whether or not a dancer repeats some moves, if their dance is not evolving or if they crash out of a move. And then of course there is the overall style, flavour and bboy attitude.’

With the afternoon competition duly judged, Make or Break moves on to an evening showcase of Scottish hip hop talent – or more specifically, a Glasgow/Edinburgh derby, with crews from both cities showing what they’re made of.

‘The programme will reflect how the genre is developing but also provide some eye candy for the audience,’ says Mills. ‘Hip hop dance by its nature is very dynamic and visually engaging, and I don't think that aspect ought to be neglected when it comes to putting work on stage.

As Mills says, ‘all in all not a bad day out if you like it funky fresh.’

The Studio at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Sep.

Make or Break

Performance of heavyweight hip hop action featuring B-Boy battles and live hip hop dance theatre. Featuring Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre, Goblynz Crew and more. Ages 14+.

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