Labrinth's sister SheZar praises his new album

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 September 2014


Labrinth's sister SheZar has spoken about her brother's new album and teased fans that they should expect a mix of genres on the 'Earthquake' hitmaker's upcoming LP

SheZar says her brother Labrinth's new album is the "next level of musicality".

Having recently launched her own music career with her debut single 'What I See', SheZar stated that her sibling's sophomore LP is taking inspiration from a range of genres.

Discussing the sound of Labrinth's new album, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm just so happy with this album that he's creating, he's going to some next level of musicality and vibes, and he's using all of his influences from growing up to what's of today's trending types of music genres."

SheZar - who is aspiring to reach the same level of stardom as her baby brother - hinted that she may feature on Labrinth's much-awaited follow up to 2012's 'Electronic Earth'.

She added: "It's in the pipeline. We have been talking and he's just sorting out a few bits and pieces in regards to getting the music made and getting it to a certain standard that he likes before he brings it to my attention, to come in and drop some vocals.

"I can't wait, what I'm hearing with Lab's music at the moment, all that he's shared with me, I'm like 'Oh my days bruv, this is amazing.' "

Labrinth will release his new single 'Let It Be' on September 28, while SheZar's track 'What I See' is out now.


Timothy McKenzie aka Labrinth is one of the few acts in recent years to have been signed by Simon Cowell without first appearing on a TV talent show.

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