Free monthly craft workshop Art Maker! for kids and parents alike

Free monthly craft workshop Art Maker! for kids and parents alike

Scottish National Gallery provides art materials and an inspirational setting to get creative juices flowing

‘What a great place to hold an art workshop,’ said the Canadian man to his young son, as they both looked around the space. The young boy nodded before returning to the task at hand, the serious job of sticking his cabbages in the right place. The pair couldn’t be more right. Sitting on the floor alongside them in the Scottish National Gallery, it’s hard to imagine a more inspirational setting to get creative. Whereas most museums and galleries run their family events tucked away in an education room, Art Maker takes place right in the heart of the art.

Upon arrival we’re sent to another part of the gallery to seek out this month’s subject matter (in this case, ‘A Hind’s Daughter’ by Sir James Guthrie in the Scottish Colourists section). Then it’s back to the main room, where blue plastic sheets have been laid out and a multitude of materials – pencils, tissue paper and glue – lie waiting to be transformed into a work of art. Guthrie did it his way and we, the encouraging staff tell us, can do likewise.

The location serves two purposes. Firstly to fill the young artists (and their grown-ups, most of whom are also getting handy with a pair of scissors or glue stick) with a sense that we all have the capacity to be creative, whether that’s painting an Old Master or fashioning a leaf out of tissue. Secondly, it’s a nice reminder that this is ‘our gallery’, owned by all of us, and children as much as adults have a right to engage with the space, and its contents, in the most accessible way possible.

Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, last Sunday of every month.

Art Maker

Drop in to the gallery and make your own masterpiece using materials provided. Go four times and you can earn a badge. Ages 4–12.