White Dee to star in a movie?

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  • 17 September 2014
White Dee

White Dee

White Dee could be the star of a new movie following on from her television success in 'Benefits Street' and 'Celebrity Big Brother'

'Benefits Street' star White Dee could be set to star in a movie.

The reality TV star - whose real name is Dee Kelly - rose to fame in the documentary series about an impoverished street in Birmingham, where the majority of residents rely on state handouts, but she's now hoping to become a star in the US after appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Having met movie legend Gary Busey on the show, Dee is now said to be keen to try her hand at acting, with a team of hairstylists and beauticians set to give her a "Hollywood makeover" in an attempt to secure her a role in upcoming British flick 'Ray and Liz'.

Dee's manager Barry Tomes told the Daily Star newspaper: "I can confirm we are hoping for Dee to star in the film.

"A casting director has promised her all of the support she needs for the role. She's been labelled a 'benefit scrounger' by internet trolls, but she's just trying to change her life."

The mother-of-two could also be the focus of a new documentary for Channel 5 while Barry is also in negotiations for a new television deal which would see his client travel across Asian slums to take a look at how people in poorer communities survive without the help of a benefits system.

The controversial star - who is also said to be planning a stand up comedy routine for an upcoming slot at The Laughing Factory in the US - does have a back up plan, however.

Her manager added: "She's been approached about becoming a politician. I think if she stood she could probably win. She is very interested in politics."

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