Jodie Marsh considered breaking celibacy

Jodie Marsh has confessed taking part in a steamy photo shoot with fitness model Anthony Hill had her questioning her four year celibacy

Jodie Marsh and Anthony Hill

Image Courtesy of JST Jodie and

Jodie Marsh considered breaking her vow of celibacy during a steamy photo shoot.

The 35-year-old bodybuilder has been celibate for nearly four years now but has confessed that taking part in a raunchy shoot with fitness model Anthony Hill made her question her decision to abstain from having sex.

She explained: "The whole reason anyone trains to be fit, strong and healthy, is ultimately to look sexy, whether they admit it or not - I do!"

The steamy images were taken to promote her sell-out JST Jodie nutritional supplement brand and Jodie admits that while she's waiting for the right man, writhing around with a half-naked model certainly tempted her to break her vow.

She added: "While I'm holding off for the right person, shooting against a pumped, well cut male body was certainly an awesome test and distraction."

Jodie - who won a gold medal at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation championships with the help of her JST Jodie supplements - previously revealed she thinks she can't find the right man because they're too intimidated by her.

She said: "I'm very single! I would love a boyfriend, I really would.

"I just can't seem to meet anyone. I think men approach me for different reasons and I think the nice, decent, lovely men wouldn't look twice at me and give me a chance."

She added: "I don't know, maybe they're intimidated by me, maybe they don't want to be famous, or maybe they don't want the lifestyle."


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