Jordan Stephens: I was 's**tting myself' during acting debut

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  • 15 September 2014
Jordan Stephens

Jordan Stephens as Rob Kendle

Jordan Stephens has confessed making the transition from music to acting was much more difficult than he expected and claimed he auditioned over five times

Jordan Stephens was "s**tting himself" during his acting debut in 'Glue'.

The Rizzle Kicks rapper stars as Rob Kendle in the new E4 murder mystery and he's confessed that he was more than nervous about taking on his first ever acting role, but insisted his fame played no part in securing the job.

Speaking at the show's premiere in London, he said: "I was s**tting myself. I didn't even do GCSE drama. I was grilled in the auditions. I think I had five or six auditions. I definitely didn't walk into this situation."

Despite having performed in front of crowds of thousands of people with pal Harley Alexander-Sule - who is the second half of Rizzle Kicks - the 22-year-old star claims he struggled to remember his lines when it came to filming.

He explained: "I wasn't very trained in script learning. I learnt all my lines and then I'd just put in my own vibe or way and then I realised that doesn't really work.

"But I think there are some scenes I was allowed to roam free because he's a spontaneous character."

Meanwhile, 'Line of Duty' actress Charlotte Spencer - who stars as Tina Fallon - insisted Jordan had nothing to be nervous about.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "He's so good, and I'm not just saying that because I should. He's actually very good.

"Obviously just little things, like after an emotional scene, it was just saying you have to go forget about it, wind down, that kind of thing.

"Go and have a drink, or go and chat with one of us or something. But it's the same for everyone really."

'Glue' premieres on E4 tonight (15.09.14) at 10pm.

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