Brian Cheeswright: 'It’s a guts and all cross-section of my output, good and bad’

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The self-described expressionist painter gears up for 36 Years of Brain Feed exhibition

‘I am searching for a certain crudeness or awkwardness in my work,’ says Edinburgh-based figurative painter Brian Cheeswright’s artist statement on his website. ‘I like to organise problems into my painting and to leave a sense that they are slightly unresolved. From this I hope the viewer can find a way in to the picture and not find the image is hermetically sealed from dialogue.’

He describes himself in interview as an expressionist painter, ‘in the sense that I think my particular frame of mind when making the painting shows through in how the picture emerges.’ Yet there’s something about the odd shapes, colours and perspectives he applies to his characters which is almost naïve in tone.

‘Basically I’m showing a load of paintings I’ve been making over the last few years that have been stacked up and accumulating dust in my studio,’ he says. ‘This is their opportunity to get some colour in their cheeks while I and those who come to see the show decide if they’re actually any good. They’re the manifestation of my practise: I’m taking a risk by not really self-selecting my best pieces but throwing in pictures of various quality, some I may have even grown to detest. It’s a guts and all cross-section of my output, good and bad.’

Interview Room 11, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Sep--Sat 18 Oct.

Brian Cheeswright: 36 Years of Brain Feed

Paintings from the London-born artist.