Slam, Chris Liebing and Tommy Four Seven lined up for Pressure's 2014 CLR Records party

Pressure: 2014 CLR Records party preview

Chris Liebing

Visionquest's Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves will also be in attendance

Slam’s monthly Pressure parties have been an unshakeable part of the fabric of Glasgow clubbing for many years now, and this autumn’s relaunch in honour of the city’s student contingent returning demonstrates why. The line-up is even more overwhelmingly packed with big names than usual, with the back arch playing host to the Visionquest team of Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, and the main area welcoming a party of its own from Chris Liebing’s CLR Records. Liebing and Tommy Four Seven will both be in attendance alongside hosts Slam.

‘I love the energy of Glasgow and of the Arches,’ says Liebing. ‘Obviously the weather isn’t going be so great, but the people there deal very well with this, they just go out and party. That´s what I really enjoy when I go there.’ He’s looking forward to playing alongside Tommy. ‘I’ve always admired him for his production skills, because he has this unconventional way of working. He abuses sounds so badly. If you ever study sound you’ll probably learn that you can´t do those kind of things, but that´s how he created his very own sound and vibe. As a DJ he’s very versatile, he can play house, he can play broken beat and he can play hard.’

CLR’s next couple of releases will be albums by Terence Fixmer and Brian Sanhaji, while there’s also a Planetary Assault Systems project on the cards and Liebing hints that his own follow-up to his classic Evolution album may be in the pipeline. ‘I think the whole techno thing is probably in one of the healthiest places it’s ever been,’ he says of the genre as a whole. ‘I don´t understand why so many people criticize the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) movement, it´s music I personally dislike as well, but we need it. We can’t define ourselves if it isn't for the others around us who do something different, and the more popular something gets, it will also open doors for others.’

The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 26 Sep.

Pressure Opening Party - September


More techno action from Slam featuring some big-name guests.

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