The Driver (3 stars)

The Driver

David Morrissey, Ian Hart and Colm Meaney star in BBC cab driver crime drama

Even if you’re bored and miserable, 'be happy with your safe lot' seems to be the clarion cry message of this three-parter. David Morrissey plays Vince, a cabbie who is made to feel worthless at home (by a dismissive wife and sullen daughter) and disrespected at work (if he’s not cleaning puke from his seats, he’s being attacked and robbed by drunk women). When his former best mate Colin (Ian Hart) is released from a six-year prison stretch, Vince allows himself to get in with a bad bunch (headed by a scary Colm Meaney), and takes on the role of freelance driver. The pay might be handsome but, naturally, things start to spin wildly out of control.

The plot developments are signposted well ahead of time during the opening episode and a half, but when Vince’s estranged son enters the picture at the same moment events lurch towards the horrific and maddeningly complicated for our hero, the drama gets a little more intriguing. Morrissey does a fine line in dour desperation with his introspective demeanour getting greyer than the Manchester clouds which encircle his world.

BBC One, starts Tue 23 Sep, 9pm.

The Driver: Launch Trailer - BBC One

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